Church History

The Parish of Auchterderran Kinglassie is made up of two small neighbouring villages approximately 2 miles apart.

Although there is a church building in both villages the congregation became a Union in September, 2013.


Auchterderran, which is a listed building, rests on a site which has had religious significance since the early 7th century. Once used as a resting place by the monks from Loch Leven on their road to the shores of the River Forth.

The original building of 1059 has disappeared, but the Kinninmonth family crypt at the rear was the original chancel. The present building was built in a T shape in 1798, and enlarged in 1890. In 1931 the window from the 1059 chancel was placed into an extension to the north of the church and now displays two beautiful windows.

On the closure of St Fothad’s Church, the St Fothad’s Window was removed and is now placed within the Auchterderran building.


The Kinglassie building is L-shaped, built of stone, and is just over 230 years old. It was renovated in 1773. The west wing was funded by Mr Mitchell in 1890 and another 124 seats were added and opened in February 1891. 

This addition was acknowledged by a circular stained glass window in the gable of the transept. There has been a church on the site since the early 12th century.